Sport Psychology

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Dr. Lollar is currently meeting with patients in person and/or via video conference, using, a HIPAA compliant, web-based video service.

Dr. Lollar is a certified mental performance consultant

Mentally healthy athletes have more self-confidence and ultimately perform better. Whether you are a professional athlete trying to maximize your performance, a weekend warrior looking to gain an edge, a student athlete contemplating college scholarships, or an elite athlete seeking peak performance, working with a sport psychologist can help you achieve your goals. The sport psychologist often collaborates with physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers, coaches, and surgeons. Research shows that athletes with injuries, including concussions, can experience more rapid recovery when they are under the care of a licensed psychologist trained in sport psychology.

Athletes commonly struggle with feelings of self-doubt. Sometimes they say, “I can’t get out of my head,” or “I’m getting in my own way,” or “I’ve lost my confidence.” These are all manifestations of performance anxiety, and an expert in sport psychology employs scientific methods to address them. Dr. Lollar can help you develop the mental tools to combat these obstacles and unlock your true potential.

Uniquely Qualified

To obtain her credentials as a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC), Dr. Lisa H. Lollar met a rigorous standard of education and training in both sport sciences and psychology. A part of this certification included private instruction from the head psychologist of the United States Olympic Training Committee. She has passed a thorough review, abides by the AASP ethical code and receives ongoing training in sport psychology.

Dr. Lollar has worked with hundreds of athletes, from olympians and professionals to college athletes and elite amateurs ranging in age from adolescents to senior adults. She has decades of experience working with athletes to help them perform at their highest possible levels.

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Dr. Lollar Can Help You:

  • Create mental toughness for competition
  • Increase concentration and focus
  • Reduce performance anxiety
  • Bolster confidence and motivation
  • Improve consistency
  • Develop anger management skills
  • Solidify goal-setting skills
  • Facilitate injury recovery
  • Improve relationships with teammates, coaches and trainers
  • Develop defenses against the idealistic expectations of others
  • Provide coping skills for life transitions and career changes
  • Address substance abuse and eating disorders
  • Decrease the negative effects of harsh self-criticism, perfectionism and overtraining

What types of sport psychology services are offered?

  • Individualized programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels, these range from a few sessions to provide a toolbox of techniques, to ongoing performance enhancement sessions
  • Sessions focused on mental training (positive imagery, relaxation techniques and self-talk) to enhance performance and create mental toughness
  • Counseling for emotional issues that affect performance
  • Consultations with physicians, physical therapists, coaches and trainers
  • Referrals to other professionals when appropriate
  • Following initial face-to-face sessions, subsequent appointments may be held electronically for traveling athletes

Why Dr. Lollar?

Her background gives her a unique perspective on athletes and their performance. She has developed programs and treatment regimens for athletes and teams at all experience levels. Dr. Lollar is a Certified Consultant for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Her approach is individualized and empirically based, definitely not a one-size-fits-all formula.

Dr. Lollar believes in treating the whole athlete. Sessions are completely confidential and individually tailored to the athlete’s needs, wants and goals. Unlike personal or life coaches, trainers and consultants, a licensed psychologist can also help diagnose and treat underlying issues that affect performance.

Athletes face many challenges unique to their profession or lifestyle. Often they have to relocate without much warning or choice in the matter, uprooting their lives and families to join a new team or receive specialized training. Athletes can face social media attacks, or their own past postings can surface and cause problems for them. Competition as a way of life is stressful. Athletes face long odds for career advancement. Coaches, managers and training team members can have a huge impact on an athlete’s career. Power differentials and control issues exist in this system, possibly leading to mistreatment and sometimes abuse. Dr. Lollar can help the athlete develop the mental tools needed to deal with these stresses in a healthy way, and to facilitate recovery from past trauma.

Dr. Lollar also provides assistance with career and life transitions, amateurs becoming professionals, recovering from injury, or facing the prospect of retiring from competition. These can affect large portions of an athlete’s life and identity. Dr. Lollar helps athletes improve both their performance and well-being.

Train the Mind and the Body

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