Retiring Athletes & Artists

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Retirement means change

It means redefining your identity. Dealing with the loss of a career can be stressful for anyone, but it can be especially painful for athletes and performers. For those who have not prepared themselves earlier in their careers the loss of physical abilities, goals, structures, relationships, public admiration and financial rewards can be devastating. Having worked with athletes and artists at all stages of career and life, Dr. Lollar has the ability to address your unique circumstances.

Whether you are an athlete whose career has been suddenly cut short by injury or circumstances outside your control or you have voluntarily retired and find that this transition is more challenging than you expected, Dr. Lollar can help you to plan and navigate as you face a new period in your life. If you are an artist who has decided to stop pursuing your performance career, Dr. Lollar can help you negotiate the next stage of your life.

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A healthy mental and emotional state in retirement is important for maintaining physical well-being and for navigating your emotional life. For the competitive athlete, or performer, leaving behind the discipline that has shaped your life brings with it major challenges. You may have lost important and intense relationships with your team, your coaches, or your artistic community. At the same time, your other important relationships, those with family and friends, may have changed significantly. You face the challenge of restructuring time in meaningful ways after leading a rigorous, scheduled lifestyle. Your financial situation may change drastically. Your concentrated lifestyle may have masked underlying problems that are now coming to the surface. You may experience anger, apathy, depression or relationship problems.

Dr. Lollar can help you transfer the the skills you developed through a life in sport or art to address the new pressures you are experiencing.

Forced Retirement

Injury, the rules governing your discipline, or other circumstances may force you into an unexpected retirement. You may find that you are at a loss as to how to transition into a new lifestyle. In this situation, seeking help from Dr. Lollar who has experience in counseling other athletes and artists is a good first step in coping with your changed status.

Dr. Lollar Can Help You:

  • Cope with the reality of your changed self-image, relationships, and lifestyle
  • Strengthen your established relationships
  • Set new goals
  • Manage anger and frustration
  • Harness the skills you have developed in your competitive career

Unsatisfactory Retirement

You many have voluntarily retired, but now find taht the new freedom is not what you expected. This is a common complaint from former athletes and artists: that the former life seemed much more exciting and satisfying than the present. Dr. Lollar can help you assess your situation and take steps to improve it.

Dr. Lollar Can Help You:

  • Explore and acknowledge your current status
  • Cope with anger and disappointment
  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Find new goals
  • Deal with problems that have surfaced in your retirement

Anticipated & Prepared Retirement

In the midst of a busy, demanding career, many athletes and artists simply don’t acknowledge that their future will be very different when they retire. But for those who are wise enough to look ahead, planning for retirement can ease one of life’s most difficult transitions.

Dr. Lollar Can Help You:

  • Decide when and how to retire
  • Develop the whole person, not just the career person
  • Strengthen and maintain healthy long-term relationships
  • Recognize underlying issues that you can address before retirement
  • Address how to plan ahead financially
  • Use skills honed over years as an athlete or artist to transition into a successful and fulfilling retirement

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