Psychology for Performing Artists

COVId-19 update

Dr. Lollar is currently meeting with patients in person and/or via video conference, using, a HIPAA compliant, web-based video service.

Anxiety in the spotlight

Performers know the truth: A lot of anxiety comes with a place in the spotlight. Even getting a chance to be in the spotlight can require a nerve-wracking audition. It’s one thing when the adrenaline helps a performance, but quite another when the nerves “take over” and diminish it.

Many performing artists turn to a professional psychologist who understands the brain and the psyche of the performer, and who can help them reduce anxiety and perform better. Dr. Lisa H. Lollar, a professionally trained and credentialed psychologist, focuses on performing artists. She has designed and implemented plans to help a variety of performing artists. She has worked with singers and instrumentalists in a number of genres, from classical to country and rock. She has helped actors, dancers and comedians. She understands the unique stresses of a touring artist.

Musicians playing violins

Dr. Lollar Can Help You:

  • Reduce performance anxiety
  • Bolster confidence and motivation
  • Solidify goal-setting skills
  • Address the dependence on anxiety reducing or performance enhancing substances
  • Increase concentration and focus
  • Develop mental toughness against public scrutiny
  • Improve work and personal relationships
  • Facilitate transitions concerning professional/amateur status
  • Learn coping skills for the family pressures experienced by artists
  • Cope with the audition process and the possibility of rejection
  • Learn to manage the unavoidable self-comparisons with other performers

What services for performing artists are offered?

  • Individualized programs for student, amateur and professional performers, ranging from a few sessions to provide a toolbox of techniques to a more indepth exploration of performance issues
  • Sessions focused on mental training (positive imagery, relaxation techniques and self-talk) to decrease anxiety and enhance performance
  • Counseling for the unique emotional issues that affect an artist’s ability to perform
  • Following face-to-face initial sessions, subsequent appointments may be held by electronic means for touring artist

Why Dr. Lollar?

Her background and education provide a unique perspective on artists and their performance. She has developed programs and treatment regimens for performing artists at all experience levels. Her approach is individualized and empirically based, definitely not a one-size-fits-all formula.

Dr. Lollar believes that the client-therapist relationship is one of the most important aspects of therapy. Therapy is a relationship-based treatment. Successful outcomes depend on the client being as comfortable as possible.

As a licensed professional trained in the psychology of performing artists, Dr. Lollar believes in treating the whole person. Sessions are completely confidential and individually tailored to the artist’s needs, desires and goals. Together, the therapist and artist work towards achieving these goals.

Performing artists face challenges unique to their profession. Managers, directors, conductors, agents and others have a strong influence over an artist’s career. Power differentials and control issues exist in this system, possibly leading to mistreatment and sometimes abuse. Dr. Lollar can help the artist develop the mental tools needed to deal with these stresses in a healthy way, and to facilitate recovery from past trauma. Touring artists face the additional challenge of being essentially “rootless,” which can take a toll on their personal lives.

She also provides assistance with career and life transitions. Working as an artist is a difficult way to earn a living. Understanding and addressing these difficulties can help with the decision to become, to remain, or to cease being a professional. Such decisions can lead to profound changes in an artist’s personal life. Dr. Lollar helps artists improve both their performance and their well-being.

Overcome Anxiety and Improve Performance

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